I got my first pair of Podspeaker (Blueroom) in 2002 from Selfridges in London. It was love at first sight, years later I made the mistake of selling the speakers. Foward 18 years and while driving back from a job for Creative Cables, Rudi and I started talking about speakers and sound and out of the blue I remembered the Podspeakers I had years ago and said we should sell them in South Africa.

Got my phone out and googled Podspeakers and found they are still being made by a company in Denmark. And just on the spot I emailed them to ask if they are looking for agents in South Africa. I was hoping we will get a yes but also knew someone else might have the rights already.

A few days past and then a reply came. I was so nervous to open the mail and after opening it and reading…
“Thanks – we are interested in this – we do not have any other dealers in SA so we will be happy to work with you to build up the sales in your country – on exclusive basis of course.”


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